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Studying international law and studying abroad are not only mutually beneficial, but they can also be life-changing experiences for law students.

Law students who study international law, whether by participating in an exchange program or by taking classes abroad, have much more successful careers than those who do not. International law includes laws from around the world, so to study it effectively you must have experience in international relations, customs, and legal systems. Some of the oldest and most prestigious legal schools are located outside of the United States. To receive the best legal education possible, students must travel to foreign countries and learn new legal concepts and techniques. An international law study program means that students can experience legal training where some of the best minds in legal history have been taught.


Studying abroad provides an opportunity to receive an internationally-focused education at a top-notch institution. The international law degree is highly sought after, and can provide access to prestigious post-graduate programs such as the PhD in international law. A student who has studied abroad and received an international law degree can truly set herself apart from the pack when it comes time for job searches.

International experience also helps students gain more polish and sophistication, which can help immensely after graduation when the job search begins. There is also the opportunity to build up a more influential network, one that includes international contacts and global influences. Why not visit places only dreamed about, and see historic parts of the world while receiving an education? International law is quickly increasing, and so is the demand for lawyers in this field of practice

Studying international law abroad allows students to study and attend classes at some of the top universities in the world. No matter which countries are chosen there are usually some excellent law schools available. Europe has many fine law schools and universities which offer much more than just a law or law and business degree. The experience and confidence that comes from international travel is incredible, and it is possible to see the world while getting an education and preparing for a legal career.

While studying abroad will give you a better understanding of different cultures, it also allows you to get a more realistic view of what it’s like to live in another country. For example, if you choose to study in England, there will be many things that are different from America, such as language differences and cultural differences. Students who have studied abroad say that they came back to their home country with a new appreciation for American culture because they had learned how other people live their lives differently across the globe.

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