How to Get Turkish Citizenship?

Turkish citizenship is acquired by birth or through naturalization. Foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship through naturalization. However, in order to obtain citizenship, certain conditions must be met. Foreigners who meet these requirements complete the citizenship application by applying to the relevant institution. With the successful conclusion of the application, Turkish citizenship will now be acquired.

Terms of Application for Turkish Citizenship

The conditions for applying for Turkish citizenship are different depending on which method the application is made. However, the documents that must be submitted for the application also vary. In practice, most often there is a question of obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage and investment. Therefore, in our article, we explained the issues related to the acquisition of citizenship mainly through marriage and investment. In order to complete the process as quickly as possible in the application for Turkish citizenship, which is quite extensive and contains legal techniques, and not to waste time and rights, it will be the most correct approach to get help from an experienced foreign lawyer.

We consider it necessary to point out that this area of law has become more complicated over time due to changes in legislation and the need to comply with new requirements. For example, one should pay attention to such nuances as: change in residence or registration address; change of name; change in marital status; change in personal status (birth, death); change in nationality; change in profession; prohibition from leaving the country; prohibition from working; prohibition from entering into contracts with state bodies or public associations; prohibition from holding elective posts; prohibition from exercising political activities or running for office; prohibition from participating in elections or referendums as candidates or voters.

The requirements that people who want to become Turkish citizens must meet when applying for citizenship are regulated by the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901. An application for citizenship cannot be made without fulfilling these stipulated conditions. The general requirements for citizenship can be expressed as follows:

  • To have the ability to be mature and distinguished,
  • To show that he intends to live in Turkey with his behavior,
  • Not carrying a disease that will put public health at risk,
  • Having good morals,
  • Having an income and a profession that will meet your requirements,
  • To be able to speak Turkish at an adequate level, except for applying for Turkish citizenship by investment,
  • Not being in a position to disrupt public order and shake up national security.

The listed conditions are general conditions and additional conditions are also available depending on the reason for applying for citizenship of the person.

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