Copyright Law Basics

The entertainment industry is full of glamour and risks. The world salutes one, who is on the top. There are occurrences and odd situation, when there is usage of the music or a trademark without the permission of the owner of the original.

Copyright is referred to as the exclusive rights granted by the law to the owner of the original work, which includes right to copy, modify or distribute the original piece of work.

To avoid any kind of disputes regarding the illegal copy of the original work, copyrights are done. The features of the copyright law basics of the entertainment industry are as follows:

1) It protects works like books, songs, paintings etc., which have been created by an individual or a group.

2) It provides exclusive rights to authors over their works for a certain period from time to time.

3) These rights include reproduction, distribution and display in public etc., but do not cover digital copying or storage media such as CDs/DVDs etc., without permission from author/copyright holder.

4) It prevents unauthorized use by others without permission from author/copyright holder at any point in time during protection period (50 years after death if no will left behind).

The copyright contract is a legal document which specifies the rights, obligations and duties of both the parties involved. It also states that which party owns what part of the work and how it will be used.

The main contact details of the owner and the second party to whom the copyrights are being transferred should be mentioned in this contract.

Mode of payment and amount payable, warranties if any, non royalty sharing prerequisites, date and location should also be mentioned in this contract.

Signature of both parties involved is required in order to make this document valid.

Copyright can be done on any kind of work; can be a musical piece (soundtrack), trademark and logos of the album, paintings, photographs, drawings or other intellectual property.

If there is any break of copyright contract by either party, they are liable to pay heavy penalties.

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