Cook County State’s Attorney Accused of Slapping Husband

Kim Foxx, the State’s Attorney for Cook County, Illinois, was accused of slapping her husband in a domestic dispute last weekend, according to a police report obtained by WGN.

Four Flossmoor police officers were sent to the Foxx home on Saturday night after Kim’s husband, Kelley Foxx, called 911 to report that he and his wife were having a physical dispute, the report states. When the officers arrived, both Kelley and Kim were standing outside. Kelley told one officer that Kim had gotten angry “about something that was posted on Facebook that he did,” according to the report.

The officer wrote in his report that he could see redness on both of Kelley’s cheeks and an abrasion on his left cheekbone—both injuries appeared consistent with his statement about being slapped by Kim.

Kelley told the officers that Kim had hit him several times with an open palm before slapping him across the face with an open hand. He claimed that she then grabbed his phone from his pocket and threw it across their lawn while screaming at him not to call 911 again.

The incident occurred on the evening of November 17th, when Kelley came home at approximately 10:00 PM. Kim asked him to leave the house and he refused.

Kelley said that Kim became physically aggressive with him after she asked him to leave the house and he refused. He told the officer that Kim grabbed his collar and threw his video game controller.

Kim, who was standing close enough to hear what Kelley was saying, told the officer that “all that is true” but she denied slapping him, saying she had only touched him to guide him out of the house. An officer at the scene noted no sign of redness or swelling on his face, according to the report.

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